Simplicity - We Make Investing in Real Estate Easy

While many people understand the advantages that real estate offers, they dont know how to start or have concerns that it will take too much of their time going forward. Not so, if you work with us.

Since 2006 weve delivered cash flow positive properties with an average annual appreciation rate of 11%. Here are 100+ properties of clients who invested through us. They work with us for many reasons including cash flow, security, reliability and, the biggest factor for many, simplicity.

We handle the entire process, from property identification through long-term profitability management. Most of our clients are hands off investors. They want consistent cash flow with no hassle. A few facts that you may find interesting.

  • Over 90% of our clients purchased more than 1 property.
  • Over 80% purchased 2 or more properties.
  • Almost all of our clients live in other states or countries; very few live in Las Vegas.
  • We have never met half of our clients. A lot of our business comes from referrals by existing clients who invest with us.

The process:

  • We work with you to select properties that best match your situation and goals.
  • We video the property and send it to you and to the property manager. The property manager provides an independent assessment of rent and time to rent. If the property makes sense, we make an offer based on return, not the asking price.
  • Once a property is under contract, both the property inspector and the property manager evaluate the property. You will receive:
  • A detailed report from the inspector. Here is a sample inspection report
  • A video of the property manager walkthrough and recommendations. Here is a sample video of a property manager walk through.
  • A quote for all items we recommend changing or repairing.
  • All the above occurs before the final commitment to purchase the property. If the renovation numbers do not make sense, we end the purchase and look for another property.
  • Once the property closes, we over-watch the rehab process and provide you with frequent video updates.
  • The property manager does the final acceptance walkthrough using a 50+ point checklist. The work is not complete until the property manager gives final approval.
  • When rehab is complete, we arrange for a professional photographer to take the marketing photos, which the property manager uses.
  • Once the property manager takes control of the property, they find and screen tenants.

Your involvement:

  • Arrange financing. We have recommendations for both US citizens and internationals.
  • Work with us to the degree you desire in the property selection process. Some clients are very involved; others are hands off. We can work either way.
  • Sign necessary documents. Know that you are never required to come to Las Vegas; everything can be handled remotely whether you live in the US or any other country.
  • Once the property is rented, review the monthly statements and let us know if you have any concerns.


The only thing keeping you from the long-term benefits of owning an investment property is taking the first step and contacting us. We will guide you through the rest of the way.