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Many people understand the advantage of investing in real estate but have not acted. The most frequent reason we hear includes the following:

  • Do not know how
  • Do not have the time.
  • Do not want to "fix toilets".
  • Too complicated
  • Analysis paralysis
  • Fear of investing remotely

We understand these concerns and structured our business to address these concerns.

Do Not Know How

Contact us. Tell us your goals and situations and we will give you our honest opinion of whether we will be able to help you fulfill your goals. If we decide to work together, we will teach you how to invest as you move along our process . We believe that the more you know about investing, the better informed decisions you will be able to make.

Do Not Have the Time

Our new clients typically spend 8-12 total hours with us by the time they have a property under contract. Much less than that if you already have some investing experience. Our one-stop service (2 min read) minimizes your time investment.

Do Not Want to "Fix Toilets"

To the best of our knowledge, none of our owners has ever made a repair on any of the rental properties. That is the job of the property manager. Let them do their job.

Too Complicated

Take a look at the following table (negative signs indicate cash out):

Cash In/Out Amount
Income (rent) 1800
Debt Service -1,242
Property Taxes -137
Insurance -37
Management -144
Cash Flow 239

If you understand from the above that the property is generating $239/Mo., you know most of what you need to know. The hard part of real estate investing is finding good properties and keeping them filled with good tenants, that is part of our service.

Analysis Paralysis


The only people who make real estate look difficult is people wanting to sell you seminars, books and such. Real estate is easier than you think, you just have to take the first step. There is no perfect location or property.

Fear of investing remotely

Live where you like but invest where you can make money.

Las Vegas is one of the few major metro areas in the country where you can make money today and into the foreseeable future with real estate. Our clients certainly have and over 90% buy 2 or more properties from us. Here is a partial list of properties our clients purchased through us. (5 min read) The vast majority of them lives in other states or countries. A significant percentage have never been to Las Vegas. Our process is designed to enable investments in Las Vegas without our clients ever having to be in Las Vegas.

Contact us today to talk about your situation and goals. We promise to listen and not try to sell you anything. You will be glad you did.

Eric Fernwood

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