About Us

We are two engineers who approached real estate investing as an engineering problem to be solved. Today, after years of development, our proprietary software, processes and investment team enables us to consistently deliver the income properties our clients want, with very little time or effort on their part. Below are some of the unique tools and capabilities we developed, which enables us to consistently deliver great income properties:

Proprietary Investment Software

In our experience, only about 0.05% of the 7,000 to 12,000 available properties are likely to be a good investments. That equates to 1 good property in every 2,000 available properties. The odds of finding any of these properties using traditional methods (searching real estate sites, driving around, etc.) are almost zero. The only way we can find income properties is using the unique software we developed. Our proprietary software enables us to consistently find the handful of good properties from the ocean of poor performers.

Proven Processes

Consistently doing any complex task correctly is not possible if you depend on gurus, luck or hope. We believe in well defined and proven processes. These processes have been developed over 10+ years and they continue to evolve. Click here to see a more detailed view of our process.

Expert Investment Team

Every member of our investment team is the best in class. All have proven their abilities and integrity over many deals. Should any fail to continuously provide exceptional results in the future, they will be replaced. Also, we never accept anything from our team members. No money, gifts or even a lunch. The only way team members get the next job is by doing the current job exceptionally well. Click here to learn more about our team members.

Proven Service Providers

Just buying a property does not mean it is ready to generate income. The property must be made market ready and that means rehab. During due diligence, the property inspector and the property manager provide a list of recommended changes. The property inspector's list is primarily remedial maintenance. The property manager's list consists primarily of changes that will maximize rental income for the least rehab cost possible. With the combined input, we work with various tradespeople to quote all the necessary work while we are still in due diligence. The combined quotes from the tradespeople provide us with a solid estimate of the total acquisition cost. With this information, we re-evaluate the profitability. If the property still makes sense, we go forward. If not, we terminate the purchase and look for another property. This process depends on tradespeople who can accurately quote during due diligence and then deliver the rehab on schedule and on budget. Our list of tradespeople do, or we replace them with people who can.