About Us

We are two engineers who approached real estate investing as an engineering problem to be solved. Rather than guess work, we believe in data mining, well defined processes, and good people to consistently deliver profitable properties for our clients with little time or effort from them.

We've assembled an expert team over the years. Each team member is the best in class or they are replaced. Our team enables us to provide a complete end to end solution. It cannot be stated strongly enough how important having the right investment team is to your success.

Core Team

All of our core team members own investment properties. While we rely upon applied mathematics and processes, we each have enough practical experience to know what needs to be done and when to do it.

Cleo Li
Electrical Engineer
Las Vegas Real Estate Investment Group - Cleo Li, Principal, Realtor, Engineer
Business management and development. Main point of contact for clients.
Eric Fernwood
Electrical Engineer
Las Vegas Real Estate Investment Group - Eric Fernwood, Principal, Realtor, Engineer
Applied mathematics, software development, processes, rehab evaluation and business development.
Taylor Koki
Las Vegas Real Estate Investment Group - Taylor Koki, Realtor, MBA
Field services including property evaluations, rehab overwatch and manages closings.

Trusted Partners

Just buying a property does not mean it is ready to generate income. The property must be made market ready and that means renovations. During due diligence, the property inspector and the property manager provide a list of recommended changes. The property inspector's list is primarily remedial maintenance. The property manager's list are recommended changes that will maximize rental income for the least renovation cost possible. With the combined input, we work with John Elliott, owner of American Home Restoration, to quote all the necessary work while we are still in due diligence period. The quotes provide us a solid estimate of the total acquision cost. With this information, we re-evaluate the profitability and make final proceed or cancel decision.

Jenni McKenna
McKenna Property Management
property manager
We've worked with Jenni and her team for more than 5 years. Jenni has over 23 years of experience in the Las Vegas real estate market. She and her team manage over 1,000 properties including over 100 of our client's properties.
Ron Cooper
Cornerstone Home Inspections
property inspector
Ron has been doing inspections in the Las Vegas Valley for over 16 years and has performed over 200 inspections for us alone. Prior to property inspections Ron was a licensed plumber and an operating Engineer for a major Las Vegas hotel for 10 years.
John Elliott
American Home Restoration
John and his team cost effectively transform properties into ready to rent condition, on schedule and on budget. A former Marine, John believes in doing the right things for the clients, rather than for his profit. Having worked with many companies on rehabs in the past, John and his team are the best we've worked with.

We Know What To Rehab To Optimize Rent vs. Cost

We have a deep understanding of our target tenant pool. This means we only recommend renovations that are necessary, rather than over or under renovate. We balance cost and return. For example, if similar properties in similar rent ranges in the area have formica countertops, there is usually no need to put in granite countertops.

Investment Skills

Our detailed newsletters have a wealth of information on real estate investing in Las Vegas and real estate investing in general. If you are an investor and are coming to Las Vegas, we invite you to meet the property manager and to ride along as we evaluate properties for other clients. You will learn a lot about how we evaluate properties, estimate renovation costs, potential problems to avoid, how we control costs, evaluate neighborhoods and much more.

Investor Tools

We do not send you MLS data sheets. We send you actionable information that you can use to make decisions. We provide a subset of the analytics we use internally for property evaluation. To know more click on Investor Tool .

Our Services are Free to Buyers

Our services are free to buyers and there is no contract to sign. We believe that if you consistently make money with little time and effort on your part, you will buy more properties from us, and over 90% of our clients do.

  • The only money we make is the standard real estate commission paid by the seller.
  • We accept no: fees, meals, gifts, services or any other compensation from anyone.
  • There are no markups or other hidden costs.