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Consistently buying profitable properties requires proven processes, a team of subject experts and a variety of trusted service providers. While every team member has the specialized skills to fulfill their role in the process, our key differentiator is the integrity of every member of our investment team.

Integrity is critical to ensure that each team member will do what is actually needed for you to be successful. There is both the "letter" of an agreement and the "spirit and intent" of an agreement. A person with integrity will consistently carry out the spirit and intent of the agreement, as well as the letter. A person without a deep sense of personal integrity can usually be relied upon to carry out the letter of the contract most of the time, which simply is not enough. When we select our team members, integrity is a critical characteristic. As principals, Eric Fernwood and Cleo Li take overall responsibility for the selection and performance of each team member. If any fails to perform, they are replaced.

Team Members


Eric Fernwood, Realtor

Eric spent over 20 years with companies such as Hewlett-Packard, IBM and internet startups in the US and Asia in software development, sales, marketing, business development, and management. His real estate investment portfolio included both single-family and multi-family properties in multiple US cities. He was living in NYC when he decided to change careers and enter real estate. After considering multiple locations, he selected Las Vegas due to his confidence in the market. With a degree in engineering science with a focus on numerical analysis, he adapted mathematical models created for selecting stocks to selecting profitable real estate investments. Today, our software enables us to find the best 0.1% of available properties in Las Vegas that are great investments.

Eric is a Las Vegas licensed Realtor and has been working with investors for over 9 years. Having lived outside of the United States for extended periods and being a world traveller, Eric understands and respects the differences in cultures and perspectives, and is very comfortable working with international investors.

Cleo Li, Realtor

Cleo has two Masters Degrees in engineering and has worked with tech companies such as Verifone (then, a subsidiary of HP), Dell and other internet startups. She was born in China where she received her first Masters in Computer Science and received her second Masters in Singapore in Computer Engineering. She is a native Mandarin speaker and proficient in Cantonese. Cleo entered real estate because of her belief in the power of real estate for creating long term wealth. Given her international background, Cleo also understands and respects the differences in cultures and perspectives and is very comfortable working with international investors.

Team Members

Jenni McKenna, McKenna Property Management

The Property Manager is the key member on any investment team. We've worked with many property managers before establishing relationship with Jenni McKenna and her team at McKenna Property Management. McKenna has over 1,000 properties under management and over 21 years of real estate experience in the Las Vegas Valley. Not only will her team quickly find the right tenants for your property, we do not recommend any properties unless she approves them. See more about McKenna Property Management and her team in this interview.

Ron Cooper, Cornerstone Home Inspections

For property inspections we rely on Ron Cooper, Owner/Operator of Cornerstone Home Inspections who has been doing inspections in the Las Vegas Valley for over 16 years. He has performed over 200 inspections for us alone. Before becoming a licensed property inspector Ron was a licensed plumber and an operating Engineer for a major Las Vegas hotel for 10 years. Over the years, his methodical and detailed inspections have saved our clients from purchasing properties with serious defects that were not discovered until his inspection. We only purchase properties that pass Ron’s rigorous inspection.

Brad Henderson, Nova Home Loans

Over the years, many clients attempting to finance their investments through banks have received notice just before close that the bank could not proceed with the loan for various reasons. None of the reasons had to do with the credit worthiness of the investor. To solve this problem we found a lender with 25 years in the trenches who not only understands the unique needs of investors, he gets loans closed. If you are using an investment loan, we highly recommend Brad Henderson, Loan Officer at Nova Home Loans. If Brad is on a transaction, you can count on him for your loan process to proceed smoothly, on schedule, and with clear communications at every step along the way. Having worked with many loan professionals, Brad is the only one we trust to get investor loans closed on time.

Trusted Service Providers

Almost every property will need some repairs and/or rehab before it is market ready. We have a number of trusted service providers who can quickly and cost effectively make your property market ready. During the due diligence period, the property manager and property inspector provide lists of what changes are necessary to make the property market ready. Once we have the combined lists, we obtain quotes so that before the end of the due diligence, you know the approximate total rehab cost. We can then include this cost in profitability calculations. During rehab, we monitor their work and provide you with progress reports. We do not charge for our over-seeing the rehab, this is just a part of our service to our clients.

Bottom Line Results

Our clients keep buying properties from us because they consistently make money with limited time and effort invested. This is the result of the principals doing whatever is necessary from finding the right properties through generating income.

If you are considering investment real estate, contact us today for a no obligation discussion of what our team can do for you. You will be glad you did.

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