Fees and Policy

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Our Services are Free to Buyers

Our services are free to buyer's - All the services we provide are at no cost to you. Also, we do not receive or accept any compensation (money, meals, gifts, anything) from anyone including but not limited to: the property manager, contractors, handyman, lenders, title companies or anyone else. We can afford to operate this way because our business model is based on repeat business. Rarely do we have a client buy just one property. Once they see that they can make good money with no hassles, they usually buy multiple properties over time. The vast majority of new business is from referrals and the articles we publish. Our process is completely different than traditional Realtors who do one deal with a buyer and then have to look for another buyer. We have no such overhead. Our time and efforts are spent ensuring you make money on your investment with the least hassle possible.

Our Policy

We are regularly asked if we "hold back" the best properties for our favored clients, etc. The short answer is, "No". So that there is no misunderstanding on how we work with our clients, we put together the following policy statement. In the last 10 years, on two or three occasions we submitted offers for the same property for more than one client. While this is a rare occurrence, we want to clearly state our policy in such situations so there will be no surprises.

  • We provide all properties to all active investors; there are no hidden or secret properties.
  • Our goal is to provide individualized service and maintain confidentiality at all times. When you have a conversation with us, we do not disclose this to anyone else. Confidentially is one component of integrity, which is the cornerstone of our character and our business.
  • When you ask us about a property we provide the best information we have. We will not communicate your interest to anyone else, directly or indirectly. However, if another client asks about the same property, we will provide them the same information. If we are asked if any other client expressed interest in a specific property, we will not disclose whether or not such interest exists. If you decide to make an offer on a property, we will not disclose to anyone else whether we submitted another offer for the same property. Please keep in mind that we will not be the only ones to make offers; good properties will receive multiple offers.
  • In the rare case where one of our clients wins a bid and other clients bid on the same property, we will disclose to the losing bidder(s) that another client's offer was accepted. However, we will not disclose the buyer, the offer amount or terms to anyone. After the property closes, the sale price will be available through many public sources.

As always, we welcome feedback. Our business continues to grow because people, many we have never met, trust us with their hard earned money. You have our word we will always do our best to provide the level of services and confidentiality you deserve.