Internationals FAQ

I have lived in other countries and many of my clients are internationals. I know many of the concerns internationals have and I can already address most of them. Below are the answers to the most frequent questions I receive. If you have concerns that are not addressed below, please contact me and I will promptly respond. My contact info is at the bottom of this page.

Q: Why Las Vegas?
A: Please see "Why Las Vegas" for practical reasons for investing in Las Vegas.

Q: Can I buy property in the US even though I am not a US citizen or a permanent US resident?
A: In general, anyone can buy any property you wish in the US with the exception of certain classes of properties such as major dock facilities, airports, etc.

Q: Can I buy investment property?
A: Yes, most of my clients are doing just that. The idea is to buy a property, rent it out for a few years and then use it as a vacation/retirement home later. Note: Nevada has no state income tax, no franchise tax and no "rental property" tax.

Q: If I buy an investment property, how can I manage it from another country.
A: We only have one client that lives in Las Vegas. All the others live in other states or countries. None of my clients manager their properties, not even the one who lives here. It is not something an investor should do. Leave property management to an expert. Typical fees are 8% of collected rent.

Q: What kind of return can I reasonably expect?
A: At this time cash buyers are averaging 5%. Buyers financing property are doing a little better due to leverage. These returns do not consider taxes which will be different for everyone.

Q: How much does a typical investment property cost?
A: Most of my clients are buying three bedroom single family homes in good areas priced around $200,000.

Q: Will owning a property in the US change how long I can stay in the US? A: I have no knowledge of immigration law so you need to check with someone practicing in this field. In general, I would guess that it does not affect how long you can stay in the US.

Q: Will I have to come to the US to close?
A: No. We handle everything via email.