Software and Process Driven Investment Selection

The numbers prove that Las Vegas is one of the best investment locations in the US. However, if you are considering buying an investment in Las Vegas, there is a challenge. On any given day there are 10,000+ properties available. Out of the thousands of available properties, maybe 20 to 30 are worth consideration. Using traditional methods (cruising real estate websites, reading MLS data sheets, driving around, etc.) to find these needles in the proverbial haystack will not work. Not only are there too many properties to manually evaluate, there is another constraint and that is time.

Good properties (correctly priced, in desirable areas with the most desired configurations) last 3 to 5 days before going under contract. This means you have 2 to 3 days from the day the property hits the market in order to submit an offer. After that it is too late. To put this in perspective, if there are 10,000 properties on the market and you work 10 hours a day for 3 days, you would have to evaluate over 300 properties per hour or 5 every minute. As in so many other things today, the right software and process is everything.

Las Vegas investment list date to under contract

Data Mining

We have a better way. We developed our own data mining software that enables us to find the 20 to 30 potentially good investment properties in about 30 minutes. For our active clients, we send out what we call the Investor Tool every two to three days. The Investor Tool provides the kind of data you need (ROI, cash flow, time to rent) to make decisions plus all the key data from the MLS. See the diagram below for what a typical Investor Tool looks like.

Las Vegas Real Estate Investment Group - data mining software output

Below is a video overviewing the Investor Tool and a link to a sample Investor Tool. Note that while the Investor Tool might run on a small screen, it was designed to work in a modern browser (Chrome, Firefox or Safari) with a screen width of at least 1,700px.

Working with you, we select the properties that best match your situation and goals. Once there is interest in a property it enters our approval process, which is illustrated below.

Las Vegas Real Estate Investment Group - our process

Once we have input from team members, including an independent assessment from the property manager, we send you what we call a Detailed Property Report. Here is a sample.


The days when you could find good investment properties by cruising the internet and reading MLS data sheets are gone. Data mining and proven process are the only way to get the best properties. If you would like to see sample properties that successfully completed our approval process and are now generating income for their owners, here are 100+ examples. If you want to consistently make money with the least investment of your time and effort, contact us.