Recording a Deed in Clark County Nevada

Since we are not lawyers or title officers, we cannot provide direct advice on how to record a deed or physically record the deed for you. However, below is some information that may be helpful. Be certain to talk to a legal advisor if you have any questions.

The Process

Frequently, clients will want to move a property they purchased into an LLC or trust. Below is a link to a page on the Clark County Recorders Office with details on the process.

Normally, when you change ownership, you will pay a transfer tax at the rate of $2.55 per $500 in value. The transfer tax is based on the full purchase price or the estimated fair market value. However, certain transfers are exempt from Real Property Transfer Tax. Below is a link to a document that details what transfers are exempted.

Some of the more common transfers our clients do include:

  • Transfer between affiliated business entities with identical common ownership OR between parent and direct subsidiary companies. See the guidelines in the above document.
  • Transfer between parents and children, spouse to spouse, or between registered Nevada domestic partners. Must state relationship on Declaration of Value. See the guidelines in the above document.
  • Transfer to a business entity of which grantor is 100% owner. (Grantor must have direct and total ownership of the Grantee). See the guidelines in the above document.

Below is a link to the forms you will need:

Note that you can mail or deliver the completed documents to the Clark County Recorders Office. Below is a link to the address. I would send it registered mail, return receipt or a trackable carrier (UPS or Fedex)

If you have any problems or recommended changes to this page, please let us know so we can help others.