What Our Clients Say About Us

I've purchased multiple investment properties from Eric. I trust him to manage every step of the process. I recommend him to all my investor friends. - Gilles C., Seattle, WA

My wife and I purchased multiple investment properties from Eric. He is thorough, trustworthy, and will do whatever is needed to make things happen for his clients. I trust Eric and his team. - Harry M., Cupertino, CA

My wife and I run a very demanding anesthesiology practice. When we wanted to add real estate to our investment portfolio, we needed someone we could trust to handle everything with minimal time from us. To date, we have purchased 12 properties through Eric and are now in the process of buying a commercial property through him. - Alex L. Las Vegas

As a remote investor, being able to rely on someone to find the right deals and bring them on line is critical. To date I have purchased three properties from Eric. - Greg E, Los Angeles

I've been working with Eric for several years and purchased three investment properties. I'm now in the process of buying my fourth property. I recommend Eric to my friends. - Byron K, Los Angeles

I trust Eric to make the right business decisions. He gets done what is needed and minimizes my cost and my time. I've purchased two properties and plan to purchase more. - Uma P, Silicon Valley

We've purchased three investment properties and our personal residence from Eric and Cleo. We plan to purchase more investment properties in the future. We recommend them to family and friends, and friend's friends. - Mike & Heidi, Las Vegas

I've sold one and purchased two properties from Eric. We've remained in contact long after the deals were closed. He is one of my trusted advisors. - Craig R, Las Vegas

Eric was willing to take the time to teach me how to invest, he did not just send me a bunch of properties. I purchased my first property and am looking forward to purchasing my next one. - Ash S, Las Vegas

We live on an island off the coast of Venezuela so direct involvement is not feasible. We rely upon Eric to find the right property at the right price in the right location. He does a great job. - Allan & Jane T. from Bonaire