Time For a Better Life?

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. - Albert Einstein.

As taxes and overall cost of living continue to rise, are you concerned that you may outlive your savings? Staying where you are and hoping this will somehow improve is pretty close to Einstein's definition of insanity. Maybe it's time to consider a better option, while you still have sufficient funds to do something.

According to the economists at CNBC, 800,000 people are about to flee New York and California because of taxes. Where are people moving to?

According to USA Today, below is a ranked list of the top 5 states where people are moving into to escape the high cost of living in their current states.

State Cost of Living
Vermont 120.7
Oregon 129.3
Idaho 92.2
Nevada 104.7
South Dakota 99.5

If all you need is someplace cheap to live, the outskirts of Sioux Falls, SD (population 177,000) may be the place to consider. However, you would need to contend with winter temperatures averaging between 7F and 26F, and little to do. Isn't the point of moving to a lower cost location, is to save money so you can afford to do the things you would like to do?

You could move to any place, but have you considered Las Vegas?

  • Relaxed lifestyle
  • Low-maintenance reasonably priced homes
  • Convenience
  • Diverse people
  • Walking trails
  • Gateway to national parks
  • Dog parks
  • Low cost of living
  • No state taxes, low property taxes
  • Sunshine
  • Always something to do

As to living in Las Vegas, your have two basic housing options: 55+ communities and non-age restricted homes. This article will focus on the 55+ communities, of which these are a few:

Some of the things I like about 55+ communities:

  • Everyone is looking for friends. Since at least one resident has to be 55+, they have not lived there forever and have not yet built a closed circle of friends.
  • The area is quiet, no screaming kids or loud music.
  • The communities have a lot of programs and activities, which you can choose to participate or not.
  • The residents have a sense of community.
  • They all have nice club houses where you can meet people and visit with friends.
  • The homes are designed for minimal care and the associations generally take care of the landscaping.
  • Walking trails - Most have extensive walking paths and, since there are almost no flying insects, you can enjoy the outdoors at night here.

While there is no place like home, if you can't afford to stay there or do not wish to stay there, please consider Las Vegas. We have the processes and services to make relocating to Las Vegas easy.