Why Work With Us?

Two reasons:

  • Our proprietary software enables us to find the 0.1% of available properties that will generate a high return.
  • Our proven processes save you time and risk.


One of the barriers to real estate investing is time and knowledge. People spend hundreds of hours learning about real estate investing because they will have to make all the decisions. Below is a graphic depicting the situation investors face when dealing with typical Realtors.

Consider the challenge of finding a good investment property in the current Las Vegas market; there are 13,000+ properties available at any given time. How much time will it take you to select a single investment property out of the 13,000? The other problem is that good investment properties only stay on the market for a few days before they are under contract. So, you face the dual problems of selecting a single property and you have to do the entire evaluation in days. This is just one function where we save you time.

Our business is investment real estate. Over the years we developed software and processes which enable us to effectively handle the majority of tasks investors face. For example, our software enables us to select a small number of viable investment properties and generate the analytics (example: ROI, cash flow, time-to-rent, etc.) you need. We inspect properties on site and take a video of the ones that make sense so you can see them, at a time that is best for you. Our services go beyond the close of escrow. As you will see in the graphics below, your time involvement is minimal. And, with our processes, whether you live in Las Vegas or the UK makes no difference as long as you have access to the internet.


A major concern for all investors is risk. Typical risks include:

  • Buying a "bad" investment property
  • Paying too much for a property
  • Inaccurate rehab and repair cost estimate
  • Poor management of rehab and run-away costs and time
  • Poor property management resulting in excessive repair costs, high tenant turnover, vacancies and evictions

We have the software, processes and trusted services providers to minimize your risk as illustrated below:

  1. Find the few viable investment properties from the thousands of available properties
  2. On-site evaluation of viable properties
  3. Multi-phased approval of properties to ensure good investment properties
  4. Make offers based on return, not list price
  5. On-site inspection by both inspector and property manager
  6. Accurately estimate rehab costs so that real ROI can be estimated
  7. Accurate total acquisition cost and ROI for final go/no-go decision
  8. Over sight of rehab to control costs and completion time; provide frequent video progress reports to our clients
  9. Hand off the property to the right property manager
  10. Long term over sight of the property manager

Want to know more about investing in Las Vegas real estate? Contact us today. You will be glad you did.

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