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Las Vegas Investment Properties - Corona Virus Impact

We are a full service real estate investment firm located in Las Vegas, NV. Since 2006, we've helped many clients like you with their journey towards financial freedom. Our services (2 min read) include identifying, acquiring, rehabbing and monetizing investment real estate. We provide a complete service to make real estate investing simple.

Below are the most common questions new clients ask:

  • What is your investment focus? Our focus is long term buy and hold income streams you will not outlive.
  • How much does it cost to invest in Las Vegas (class A/B+ properties)? The properties we target cost between $230,000 and $375,000. Cash needed to purchase, renovate and bring to market: 28% to 35% of the purchase price, which assumes 20% to 25% down.
  • What kind of return can you expect? With balanced cash flow and appreciation properties between 4% and 5% with 25% down. This includes, taxes, management, insurance, HOA dues, down payment and typical renovation cost. Rents rose 6.6% in 2018 and should do about the same in 2019 so return should increase over time. Average appreciation: 11%/Yr.
  • What are your fees? Zero, our services are free to buyers and there is no contract to sign. We make our money from the normal real estate commission paid by the seller.
  • How many properties on average do your clients purchase? 90% of our clients buy more than one property, 80% buy more than two properties. This may be over a span of time, not necessarily at one time.

Here are 100+ properties our clients own that generate a positive cash flow each month. Income they will not outlive. (5 min read) The vast majority of our clients live in other states or countries. Many of them have never visited their properties as a result of our full service offerings. Contact us today to get your investment started.

Featured Newsletter Article

It's that time again. At the beginning of each year we publish our opinion of what we believe will happen in the coming year, as well as a review of last year. The 2020 Outlook has just been released. Some teasers:

  • Are We Going to Have a Crash in 2020?
  • Why Buy Now As Opposed To Waiting?
  • What Happened in 2019
  • What We Expect in 2020
  • Have the prices recovered from the 2008 crash? Spoiler alert, below is a comparison of current prices to peak prices in 2006. In short, prices are still 10% to 40% below pre-crash peak prices.