Why Us

Making money in real estate is much more than just buying a property. You must successfully execute a number of steps including:

  • Identify the right tenant pool to target. Choosing the wrong tenant pool will likely result in significantly lower return, perhaps evan a loss.
  • Locate a property that targets the selected tenant pool and buy the property at the right price in order to achieve desired profitability.
  • Renovate the property - Change what is needed and only what is needed to maximize rent while minimizing the renovation cost, both initially and at every tenant turn.
  • Long term management - Install and keep quality tenants that stay for multiple years who will take care of your property.

You can either invest the time and money to learn how to do all the tasks that are necessary or, you can choose the right team. People choose to work with us for many reasons, including:

Our services are free to buyers and there is no contract to sign. The only money we make comes from the normal commission paid by the seller through escrow. There is never a markup or hidden cost.